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New Work


My current work reflects my continued interest in the cyclical processes found in nature, and the concept of adaptation inherent in those processes. Over time, my exploration of natural forms and my use of re-purposed materials have revealed a unifying element throughout much of my work—what I refer to simply as “holes.”


My interest in holes is how they function as a metaphor for transitioning between two worlds. Holes as portals--entrance and exit points—evoke the idea of moving from safety to threat, from the predictable to the unpredictable, from order to chaos, and back again. The necessary response to these transitions is the adaptation of our minds, senses, expectations, and reactions to other environmental or psychological states.


I believe this transitory process is ongoing and inherent in the experience of all living things, however primitive or sophisticated the living thing may be. My work is a metaphor for what I see as this unifying and collective experience.


Through my exploration of holes, I seek both the light and the dark, the concrete and the ambiguous. 


Becoming, Small Habitats, and Roots Evergreen


I view nature as the essence or principal that informs the workings of our world. The process of making art is a way for me to explore this concept.


These depictions of cocoons, nests, flowers and roots reflect themes of potentiality, the cycle of continuity, and the interconnectedness amongst all living things. These works also speak to the internal architecture that exists in natural forms, as well as the relationship between builder and that which is being built.


The work as a whole recognizes the pattern of origin and decline found within the natural world.

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